I worked on this crazy mural project for Allison Sarofim's yearly Halloween party. Can't go wrong with giant candy canes and cotton candy. With Kevin Bourgeois, Veronica Chen and GiGi Chen.





Rabbits Foot Hip Hop Show, LA

I did a motion flyer for hip hip group The Rebirth of Rabbit's Foot, show in Los Angeles. This is the second promo piece I've done with Jordon Waters and his ongoing performance art and hip hop shows. Looking forward to making more work in this style down the road. For more info about the group see here:

Black Comix RETURNS

Super excited to announce I am included in the Black Comix RETURNS art book coming out soon! Seriously stoked to included with some the most talented comic artists and animators in the industry. Feeling stoked and excited to have just a inch of my work in this book. And looking forward to keep pushing myself to see what I can do as an artist and illustrator. Stay Tuned! Pre-Orders for the book is here: